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Sunday, August 26, 2007



You capture some lovely sights in your photographs - they look so professional. Mine are always blurry - like I'm running as I'm clicking, only I'm not-:)


Oh, I have ALWAYS wanted to go there since I was ten years old and read The Dark Is Rising series. It looks just as I hoped it would. Lucky you!


You're photos are gorgeous! Now I know I've been offline for awhile, but explaine to me....what is up with Adam? Is he going to college in L.A.?


John has been bugging me to put up some of the pictures from our trip, so I am trying to (slowly) oblige.


Beautiful! I'm having travel envy right now. Thanks for sharing some of the eye candy!


I don't even have to enlarge the photos to see how beautiful and interesting it was. I want to visit!

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