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Monday, September 10, 2007



Pushing Daisies does sound interesting, and I'm especially thrilled to hear that Jim Dale is providing narration for it (he's the one who narrated all the Harry Potter books). And I thought August Rush looked really good too. Can't wait to see it!


I have to admit, I haven't watched TV in months, but I'm looking forward to a new season of 'Lost' (eventually! I've heard a rumor it might be much later than the usual start of the new show season). Since I haven't seen TV, I hadn't seen the ads for these new shows, they do sound like interesting premises though.

I did see the promo for 'August Rush' and it looks rather inspiring.


I am such a fan of Keri Russell! I loved Waitress when I saw it in July and am looking forward to the November release of August Rush.


I agree with Margaret -- those premises have always intrigued me, too! Wow, good stuff. (And like you, I can hardly wait for the return of Grey's Anatomy! They always showcase such interesting music, too).


You make me want to start watching television again! Fascinating premises. I've always loved time travel and other interesting, quirky ideas.

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