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Sunday, September 30, 2007



Why do movie people do that? It's odd. But thanks for the recommendation, and oh boy, I see from your sidebar Annie Dillard has a new novel! I didn't know that! So glad I stopped by.


Stopped by to say 'hi' - hope all is well, and you're just off enjoying life!


Ohmygod, how can I be so far behind in reading my fave blogs? (Because I've been reading more BOOKS lately, I guess.) I'll look for that film...it will be fun and surreal to see what they've done to PDX.

Barbara W. Klaser

Isn't that strange to see your city in a movie or TV looking just different enough from reality that it warps in the eyes of the viewer? A few movies and TV series have been either set in or filmed in San Diego (one was a series that I think was supposed to be set in Miami). I always find it weirdly fascinating.


Hmm - the movie sounds good, but as much as I love Morgan Freeman, I may have to wait till it comes out on video - I'd rather watch the sad ones at home, where I can sniffle in privacy :)
Sorry about your team.


Melt downs seem to abound in football world. The Huskies could have easily beat USC, who tried to give them the game. (but they evidently didn't want to take it) Reed is really pretty; is Portland State?

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