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Wednesday, October 24, 2007



I forgot that Adam was there! I hope he and his friends are okay. You are right about media coverage. I don't ever watch any of it because the television news is just so stupid. I've really come to rely on online news and newspapers/magazines for the most part.


I'm glad to hear that Adam's ok - the smoke has been awful here. It's funny, but the last couple of days, the reports seemed to get sparser and sparser here, when we still have had fires raging in our mountains. The smoke became suddenly much worse for a little bit this morning, and being back home where we only have the major CBS/NBC/ABC channels, I couldn't find a thing about it. They need to find some way to channel the news to the people who really want and need it!


yes, it's true and it's harder for me,too because my loveones are so far away in our homeland....

i have been remembering you and adam in my prayers....


So true....sigh. In Japan, it's mostly political scandals....right now, a past cabinet member is taking heat for playing golf and mahjong with clients. It might be hard to believe, but I had to tell some of my students about the fires yesterday because the Japanese newscasts were hardly covering it.


They seem to latch onto the BIG NEWS and won't let go of it. It's scary enough without hearing about it every second.

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