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Tuesday, December 25, 2007



How beautiful! I hope it was a great day.


We didn't have snow, but we did have snowflakes. It was very pretty coming down; it didn't stick though.It did make it magical!


Really?...the first time on Christmas? I seem to remember a white Christmas there...but...maybe not!...(or maybe before you moved there??) ;) Fun!


Wonderful winter wonderland~
Merry Christmas!


Hello! I had to write to you after surfing the Web and somehow noticing a comment you posted on another blog: a reference to Al Lowenstein and having worked in his 1974 congressional campaign on Long Island. I grew up on Long Island and, as a teenager, was involved in each of Al's campaigns -- my first exposure to politics and one I'll always remember. I'm unsure if I have heroes anymore, but if I do, Al is certainly among them. I'm among the legions of people in all fields -- mine is journalism -- who consider themselves inspired by him.

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