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Sunday, December 16, 2007



I hate the pressure of the season. Tis the season to be stressed out! I wrapped gifts this past weekend, and realized that I had gone WAY OVERBOARD. It's embarrassing.

Barbara W. Klaser

I love the nostalgia this season brings, but I detest what it does to people with stress, that need to make others happy.

You can't make anyone happy who would quibble over the number of gifts rather than just enjoy themselves. Let go of it. I'm sure you've done more than your share. Is there any wine in the house? ;o)

My husband and I years ago decided to stop trying to surprise each other or second-guess what the other wanted. Sometimes we still do a surprise if it just comes out that way, but we're into self-selected gifts these days, and sometimes the gift comes weeks or months early. Then we just say, "This is my late birthday gift," or "my early Christmas gift." We have a nice meal and pie or cake on the day, and RELAX about it. Of course this was easy for us to start because we don't have kids --- and kids love surprises --- and because we're not made of money we had to que extended family members into our no-gift plan, but we're much happier for it, and I think so are some other family members, once we all get past any lingering guilt over it, which I suppose therapy would help, but who can afford that? I miss some of the fuss, but not very much.


I hear you. I swear that this season is the bane for us women. If it was up to my husband and son, we wouldn't even have a Christmas tree! Why do we put ourselves through all this?

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