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Friday, December 07, 2007



Yay for all your kids being home soon! How wonderful to be all together again for Christmas.


Whew! That was a close call...glad it didn't fall off (or walk off in the parking lot with someone else).
Have fun with the kids!


I'll bet you are so excited to have all your kids at home! My kid lives at home and so I therefore rarely see him...


Geeze--that is probably going to happen to me any day now! I do so much on automatic pilot. I'm glad that your family gets to come home for the holidays. That will be fun!

Barbara W. Klaser

How lucky that your phone didn't get lost. I'm leery of putting anything on top of the car, for even a second, because right outside the car is the one place where it seems I'm always in a hurry and always have my mind in more than one place at once, the easiest situation in which to forget something. And I don't need all that much help forgetting things, to begin with.

Sounds like a fun time with your son.

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