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Monday, December 03, 2007


Barbara W. Klaser

Yes, when you forget to blog it means your life is full. That can be a good thing. I'm glad you made it through the storm.


long time....wonder if that forgetfulness is catching...did i catch it from you or the other way around...lol

good to have you back...^-^

saw the news on your storm...glad all is well with you. haven't heard from the sisters up in monroe, but it sounds like the coastline got the brunt of the winds....living by the ocean, i definitely empathize!


We didn't get the strong winds, but it sure has been raining. (and flooding) I'm glad you're back; I was hoping that all was well!


too funny-- I had just checked you this morning and it was halloween and then boom! there you are-- sometimes a break from blogging can be a nice thing . .


125 mph - wow! I'm glad you're alright. Good thing you spotted that tree before it could come down on the powerlines, and reported it.

Good to hear from you again - you've been missed...


We didn't lose power either, and fortunately no trees! We did have some Christmas lights fall down, but that's easy to remedy. Quite the wind storm! Glad I'm not going out today.

And glad you've posted!

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