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Tuesday, February 19, 2008



I LUV family parties like this. It ain't a party until you do the Chicken Dance!


Now THAT is a party I would love to go to! Whaaaat fuunn! I went to an 80th birthday party, too, just recently. Isn't that funny that we can say we went to a fun 80th birthday party? You certainly didn't hear those words "fun 80th birthday party" like that twenty years ago! 80 is the new 55.


A Dutch wedding looks like a lot of fun! Sorry to miss you in LA! Next time, I'll have my people call your people!


fun fun fun you all look like having a great time.

by the way, if you have time to visit my site because you've been tagged by me :) only if you have the time to do it. thanks


You and your cousins (and all your family) always have such a blast together! Our family gatherings, while enjoyable, tend to be so sedate in comparison. Sure wish we had a few goof balls in our midst! :o)


I want to go to a Dutch wedding! It looks like a blast. Missed you in Portland this weekend. The weather was gorgeous, and our older daughter was there visiting a friend, so we got to see her also. And as usual, Alison kicked butt at the MAC Open.

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