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Monday, March 03, 2008



I'm sorry to hear you were sick...but oh, goodness, if anything could make me feel better, it would be a Jane Hamilton book...LOVE her writing! Gee, this is two book rec's I've gotten in one reading from you. ;)


I'm so sorry you're under the weather in such a big way. I hate the flu - feels like you've been hit by a truck only it didn't finish the job! Thanks for the reading recommendation. I went to Amazon to check it out. Sounds really wonderful.


So glad you are feeling better. The flu can certainly be quite nasty...that last time Jason had it I ended up calling 911 because he passed out.

Enjoy that Beef Bolognese!


I KNOW! The last time I had the flu, I had to be helped to the bathroom. I could barely even walk. I was like a 90 year old woman. For weeks afterward, I was very weak. I am hoping to avoid the flu, since the shot I got is apparently not very effective.

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