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Thursday, May 08, 2008



It sounds like it will look very serene. Can't wait to see photos oc the new space - bet you really can't wait to see it completed :)
Wishing you a happy Mother's Day!


Oh I can't wait to see your before/after photos. My kitchen in nearly done. I so look forward to that! (and will post pics on my blog). BTW: I realize you might not live close by... but just incase you do decide to go to that blogger's party.... it's from 5 - 7 pm now. They moved it up. I realize you might be away at Bonnie's graduation then. Anyhooo...Hope to see you there! :O)


Oooh...it sounds like it's going to be so peaceful.


It sounds gorgeous, but I hate chaos. When any kind of remodeling is called for, I get the urge to MOVE.


Sounds exciting and hectic all at once. Living with construction can be quite tricky.

Can't wait to see pictures of your new bathroom!

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