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Monday, May 12, 2008



Other than dancing around the house :), I haven't gone dancing in ages, though I've never exactly 'tripped the light fantastic,' (mostly just tripped :), I do love to dance, and have always enjoyed watching others dance - love musicals. I haven't been watching the show this season, but I've enjoyed seeing it in the past. I didn't know Kristi Yamiguchi was one of the competitors this season. I can imagine she would have quite an edge, given her figure skating background!


too fun! I haven't watched it, but I am considering signing up for a bellydancing class this summer---- hmm, that's a whole differnt kettle of dancing fish, though, isn't it?


I LOVE dance shows. I'm always so amazed by dancers. Our favorite summertime show is "So You Think You Can Dance." It starts next week. Sydney and I can't wait!


I sang more than I danced, but love watching any show that showcases people's talents. (wish I had some)


Just like you, I danced all the time when I was young. I enjoy watching just about any kind of dance competition. I hope you can get John to try a ballroom dance class. It would be fun (at least for you!) I was thinking just the other day, that it seems like forever since I've actually danced. What happens when we get a bit older? Why don't we dance?

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