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Monday, May 05, 2008



Sounds like you had an absolute blast! (And how nice that Ross has so many "lady friends!") :o)


Sounds like a wonderful weekend for mom - and Ross! A little 'one on one' time is always nice.
I haven't been able to make up my mind, whether it's worth the high theater prices to see Iron Man or Forbidden Kingdom. At the present ticket prices, I'm getting pickier and pickier about what movies I'm willing to spend that kind of money to see. But it is usually more enjoyable to see them on the big screen.


wow! With all that fun, you might be too tired to do this, but I'm inviting you just the same and hope you consider coming and bring a friend or two along. I'm gonnabe there!

Place: Oba Restaurant • 555 NW 12th Avenue • Portland, OR • 503-228-6161
Time: Thursday, May 15th 6 - 8 pm
Event: Fabric 2.0 Meet and Greet hosted by Kathy Miller of Michael Miller Fabrics and Caroline Devoy of J.caroline creative.

Fabric 2.0 Meet and Greet
is a mixer to enable the network of sewing, fabric and crafting bloggers to meet each other before the start of Quilt Market. Named after Web 2.0, you are the next generation of fabric designers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers using the web for collaboration, sales, marketing and creative inspiration. By creating an opportunity to meet, we hope to increase the opportunities for collaboration. And once you've met each other, you have the rest of the show to continue your conversations.


Feel free to bring other people from your organization that would enjoy and benefit from this event. Just RSVP to cdevoy@jcaroline.com and let me know how many people will be coming with you.

If there are bloggers you have networked with online and would like to include, please email me and I'll get them an invitation. We want this to be a very inclusive event, but we do need to keep the number to what will fit in the room. Plus we want to make sure we have enough food!


So glad you had a good time. After reading the post where Ross sort of forgot about the trip, I wondered what would happen-:) You know, I sort of wanted to see Iron Man, although I wasn't sure why. But maybe I'm just a bit curious about Robert Downey Jr. in this movie...


I love that riverfront in Corvallis. It was beautiful (but hot) when we were there this summer. It sounds like a wonderful time. I've heard from students that Ironman is an excellent movie.

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