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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Barbara W. Klaser

I like to cook, but with my own time line and creative resources. I don't like complex menus or long ingredient lists, especially things that are only available in specialty stores, which I don't have access to -- and I didn't like running all over town tracking down ingredients when I did live in a city.

If the recipe is overly complex in preparation steps, my eyes start to glaze over and I wonder if I could just open a can in place of a portion of the process. With the few complex recipes we like, we make a big batch and freeze some. Might as well make a few meals out of that much trouble.

I enjoy cooking when it's relaxing and simple, not stressing over how some exotic sauce will turn out. I find chopping veggies to be meditative, on the other hand.


I don't like too many ingredients OR too many steps. I have made some horrible mistakes when there are numerous steps to follow and I forget one! I'm glad your dad's lungs are OK--that's good news!


It took me a minute to quit laughing over "Step 2 Corral Pig." I'm with you on the ingredients list. Nothing is more discouraging than picking up a recipe to see 17 ingredients and 10 of them are speciality items. That recipe never gets made in my house!

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