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Thursday, June 05, 2008


Barbara W. Klaser

Our hummingbirds are fairly bold, and I stood about a foot away from one, a female with an injured beak, recently while she visited the feeder. The orioles and house finches are more shy, and most won't visit the feeders while we're less than eight or ten feet away. The bluebirds in the neighborhood are even more shy.

One day, though, I happened to be wearing a gold t-shirt with black pants, and a male oriole flew straight toward me from across the street, only to veer off when he realized I was no bird. Maybe they could be fooled by look-alike headgear.


I am fascinated with hummingbirds because I have seen very few of them. I love birds in general. When she was younger, Alison was a bird fanatic and that got all of us interested.


We love hummingbirds! They show up pretty regularly in our backyard.

I've always had a particular fondness for red birds, whether they are red cardinals, or red finches. I guess that's probably why I painted red birds on Julianne's wall! (better that than a hat, I'd say)

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