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Thursday, June 26, 2008



They say that you remember everything, it's just retrieval that's the problem. So, if this guy has heard English or watched it, he would have absorbed way more than he thought he knew. Amazing story. Would your book (below) be a good Book Club read? It sounds like it.


That is amazing! Not sure it's worth the head trauma though. Maybe it will give some scientists some ideas about how to do that, without the concussion.


That is really cool! I remember years ago when my friends and i would talk to each other in our fake language ... we all secretly wished someone would recognize what we we were saying. We had hoped our brains had actually retrieved memory of perhaps another life when we lived on foreign soil. But it never happened. Probably on both accounts.


I'm by no means an expert in language acquisition, but I've come across similar stories while reading about it. Specifically, there was a study done on stroke victims who were bilingual but learned the second language after learning the first. When you learn a second language this way, it is stored in a different part of the brain than the first language. In some cases where the part of the brain containing the first language was destroyed, the patients were actually able to communicate in the second language, which was stored in another area of the brain. I think language and the brain is fascinating.

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