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Tuesday, June 10, 2008



This would be how I've imagined Mr. Darcy to look. Truth be told, I love Jane Austen, but Darcy just never did it for me. The guy was a bit to feminine.


OK, I hate to say it but he DOES look rather....feminine. (I think it's the lips). Nice eyes, though.


I think he looks VERY handsome-- those dark eyes.

Barbara W. Klaser

Fascinating. It makes sense to me that Mr. Darcy was based on a real person she knew. He seemed more believable than many fictional heroes. But this isn't how I pictured him. . . .

I love your cityscape, by the way!


He's a pretty decent looking guy. I wonder what his teeth look like though. Back then, probably not so great.


He looks much more handsome with the brown hair. Well done!

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