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Saturday, August 23, 2008


shawn Wallace

I don't have skype but we have the free iChat on our mac computers. Boy, I sure felt self-conscious when I first got on it. But I'm getting relatively more comfortable. well. sorta.


Hey Veronica, when are we going to skype?

Barbara W. Klaser

Oh that's nice, especially when you have family far away. To actually be able to share a meal. Super!

veronica rojas

Skype is just wonderful, I remember doing the same with my parents when I was there. We still talk on skype here, better than the phone!!

Love, veronica


That sounds wonderful. I wish that Africa had more technology so I could look forward to that when Ashley goes. I am just hoping for SOME communication!


That is VERY cool. Isn't technology amazing? I loved being able to use skype with my sister when she lived in China. Even though she was so far away, she seemed lots closer just because I could see her.

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