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Friday, October 31, 2008



A lovely time to share with your mom. She's adorable! Enjoyed the photos of the scenery and the food.


OH man!! I froze when I saw that first photo!! (In a very good way!). I have a photo JUST like that when I went to that very spot with my brother some years back. We drove up to that place (for some reason I remember it being called something with the word "crown" in it...crown point?) Is that what they call that building, or the point? But we wanted to go look over the edge and back then (and maybe it is sill this way), there were no fences or ropes and we got on our bellies and scootched up to the edge and looked over. Oh mannnn...that was way up there. There were two older folks that worked up at that building and they came out to talk to us and told us stories about that place. Just crazy...but oh so beautiful up there. Back when I lived up there I hiked every trail there is up in the Columbia River area. Both sides...washington and oregon. I think my favoirite was the Larch Mountain trail. Just amazingly beautiful. What a wonderful day you must have had. I can still smell how green it is up there...amazing, huh? Only in oregon can you actually smell color! ;o)


What an awesome trip! (Those lemon drops are nummy, no?) :o)


What beautiful photos! It sounds like a wonderful time.

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