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Thursday, October 16, 2008



i love that. It really was your dad paying you a visit! (chills)

When a friend of mine's grandfather died, I said to her, "chin up!" when we went to hang up on the phone and I never ever used that expression before. She said that was what her grandfather used to tell her whenever she was feeling sad!

Thank you for sharing that! What a joy!


Oh wow! 'chillllls'. That is so totally cool...I really think our loved ones touch us in so many subtle ways after then 'go home'. When my dad passed (at the VA hospital up there on the hill in portland), we were driving home, and I could smell this certain scent that only my dad had. I kept asking my brother, do you smell that? He, nor my sister could, and I was shocked since it was so strong... Yup...they are there with us... that's a great name by the way. Mine was "little suzy" and "spud". ;o)


so cool! i can relate to this because it happened to me also when my mom and dad passed away.


That is very cool, and I don't doubt for a second that's exactly what it meant. I have "sensed" my mom's presence very often in the two years since she died. Now and then I smell her perfume (a fragrance that NOBODY wears anymore — Tabu — but was her "signature") and it makes me shake my head in wonder.


That is SO cool, Diane!


Wow, amazing!


That is very cool. That's not a common expression, so it makes it even more special.

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