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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Barbara W. Klaser

Oh, that's great! I so like those little villages. Back in the sixties, the shopping center in my home town had these little animated Christmas village scenes every year, and when I was little I could've stood and watched them for hours. Your village reminds me of that. I love the kids making snow angels, and the pond. I can see how arranging all the details just so could take some time. Beautiful!

Mrs. Pom

They are very sweet and make me nostalgic for my Great Auntie Gussie. Her house was a Christmas wonderland with all sorts of scenes such as yours.

Enjoy the season! Are all the kids ocming home?


That must have made waiting for the repairman a lot more fun. I love those little village scenes.


It's beautiful! I feel the same way about the girls' winter music globes. They are very nice once I've put them out--but it takes forever.

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