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Monday, January 19, 2009



It was a fabulous inauguration, but I can understand why you wanted to stay home. The crowds and the cold looked pretty uncomfortable.


I would have LOVED to witness this in person, but alas....(and it sure did look COLD!) I've been pretty worthless at work today being naughty and watching the video stream on my computer even though we weren't supposed to.


We are celebrating over here esp. the danes. I can't stop singing It's a new day and I'm dancing, too. I am so happy celebrating silently at home and glued i front of the tv.


If I were in your shoes, I think I would have gone through the same thought process. If I were 20 years younger, heck yeah. But the thought of the sheer cold and the crowds would be enough to keep me home. We just watched the new president and it was quite moving. But we didn't get the day off, so back at my desk and back to work!


We could have stayed with friends in Maryland, and we would have flown into Harrisburg and driven south...so, less than going to Washington. But I did hear that they were telling people to bring their own toilet paper for the potties because they thought it would be in short supply. I agree with the guy who commented: When they say to BYO-TP, that's when I decided to get out of town.


That would have been hard to pass up, but I understand your reasons completely and share them. I don't enjoy crowds, portapotties, standing around in the cold, or even fancy balls. (plus the airfare and hotel costs would be outrageous)

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