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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Simon Schempp

Pics of the cute red car, please! Anyway, just like what Stephanie said, Caddilacs remind me of my granddaddy. I kinda considered it as a muscle car 'cause of the shows I've been seeing with cars that have hydraulics.


Cadillacs remind me of my grandparents, who owned a few before they finally made the switch to driving Caravans (an odd switch, yes).

Hope your sweet little car is back with you by now!


My dad was fond of used caddies, so I learned to drive in one, and back then, in the late 60s to early 70s when his were made, they were indeed boats -- barges. But now that I've driven something much smaller for a long time, I'd feel very strange in a larger car. Besides, your own car is always the most comfortable and familiar to drive, a reliable friend.


I drove a co-worker's cadillac about 15 years ago. She sort of had a Cruella Deville look about her when she drove the thing herself-:) Anyway, the one thing I remember is how it felt when you stepped on the gas. You literally launched the thing, like it was a boat! Good luck and be careful!


I very much dislike Cadillacs and would hate to have to drive (OR PARK) one. Ugh. They probably only rent out Caddys because no one is buying them these days, so they can get a good deal for a fleet of rental cars. Why are you picking up Ross?

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