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Friday, January 02, 2009



That's what I said when Patt told me that it had snowed about an inch. I was still in bed and not expecting anything like that. I am so through with the white stuff!!


We woke up to a dusting this morning, too (thankfully it didn't last long). My friend in Sandy, OR said THEY woke up to five inches! They've been hammered over there with wind and snow and power outages (on Christmas Eve throughout Christmas Day). Yeah, it's pretty, but now that the holidays are over I'M READY FOR SPRING!


No way, more snow there?? We were up there for 5 days (got back Monday night)...I almost called you, but we were kept pretty busy with family stuff. Vowing to be a better blog-friend in '09. Wishing you and John and the kids a glorious--and PEACEFUL--'09. ;)

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