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Tuesday, February 03, 2009



At least I knew who was playing, although I probably only watched about 10 minutes of it.Babies are darling! I agree with your sentiment about them belonging at other people's houses though.


I didn't know who was playing either-:) People who know me today are amazed when they find out how much I actually know about football. Couldn't care less about it now, but growing up in a small town on the Eastern New Mexico/West Texas border made football king. I was a big fan of college ball all through school. And then not so much. I've never cared for pro ball, really. I didn't even watch the Super Bowl, but I did see the YouTube video of the babies. I love them!


I had to ask my SIL who was playing - I had no idea. Cute baby (I like the line about them not living at your house - yep, that's when they're cutest ;) I'll have to check out the YouTube video.

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