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Sunday, February 08, 2009



The racial slurs were a little hard to take. I wouldn't have wanted this guy for my neighbor.


Len wants to see that too. Although racial slurs are so offensive to him as they are to me but at least there is redemption in that the main character and his neighbors reconcile I hope.


I really want to see this one. As a person of color growing up in a small town, I knew folks like his character. I'm curious to see how they transform him. Sadly, many of the old men in my hometown never had a transformation and continued to believe in their racist ideals until they died!


I saw it two weeks ago. Good movie.


I've heard it's really good; it must be uncomfortable to hear all the racist talk though. We're not used to that at all. (thankfully!)


I've been wanting to see this one. Sounds like an amazing movie.

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