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Tuesday, February 10, 2009



No, but I am supposed to go to Corvallis and see Ross tomorrow...


These mini snow storms are annoying. I hope it's not YOU planning something with your mom that's causing them, Diane. (hee hee)


Thank you for the comment! People keep telling me to enjoy these days, so I try to keep that in mind lol. How many children do you have? It sounds like they're really making their way in this world; you must be proud!

I found you through blog-hopping. I can't remember where I linked to this website from, but it was probably the name that got me =) I tend to blog-hop based on the name of a website. When I wind up at someone's website, I try to leave at least one comment just because, and then I write down the ones that comment back or e-mail or seem particularly interesting so that I can remember to re-visit.


Isn't that how these things always go? And then, when someone wants to do something and you're hoping for an excuse to let you off the hook, the weather is perfectly clear and there's no reason you can't be sociable?

Good luck with next week's plans!


Beautiful pictures of both times at the Chinese Garden! I love that place! Too bad Mom was not able to go too. Hopefully no snow for the French Art again. Wish we had a good Museum like Portland or Seattle. The quality of the shows they both get are amazing!

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