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Sunday, May 03, 2009


Arlene Guillen

Like Margaret, I wonder why nobody notices the 30 thousand deaths each year from the regular flu??? I think Americans are being ridiculous, but you know, the WHO isn't helping either. Along with the press, just more fuel for an insane fire. And yes, there is that little thing about a Supreme Court nomination that could, oh I don't know, impact our lives for generations.


YES!! And why aren't people freaked out about the regular flu that kills so many more people. It is very tiresome. I think the news media wants it to be BIG news...so they're making it so. By the way, I love your barn photo!!


It's ridiculous! I can't believe the flu pandemonium (well, I guess that's not entirely true; the American media never ceases to surprise me with it's overkill). Hopefully real news will be back in the cycle again soon.

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