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Saturday, May 30, 2009


Mrs. Pom

Looks absolutely gorgeous! Great memories!


I have that same angled photo of the clift with the hole in the middle! Did you ride on the glass-bottom boat? I did... and the tour guide pointed to rocks up out of the water.. and he said, "Look! It looks just like a tortuous!" I looked over there and was amazed at the striking resemblance so I snapped a picture!
Later, upon my return from Cabo, I showed some friends the rocks/island that looked like a tortuous... "See the baseball cap and sunglasses on the turtle?" They stared back at me and then gently pointed me in the other direction. "no... THIS is the tortuous!" I was looking at a cartoon turtle while they saw the serious replica the tourguide saw!


Gorgeous! I haven't been to Cabo, but I've been to Puerto Vallarta and loved it. Looks like you had a marvelous time--and got a beautiful new blog header out of it too :)


It looks utterly wonderful! Lovely photos.

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