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Friday, November 27, 2009



There is nothing more worse than enjoying a book and then it taking a completely different turn. That's cruel in its ownself. I bet you really felt like you were taken for a ride... :O( and, i'm so glad I don't read that many books, because I would hate this to happen to me. Thanks for the heads up.


I only like horror stories if that's what I know I'm getting and am prepared. You got blind sided on this one! I LOVED TTW, but will take a pass on this one.


I used to read horror stories, but I really don't enjoy reading the genre, anymore. I loved the Time Traveler's Wife so much, I'd been looking forward to this one too...Thanks for the warning.


I have this book in my library que, but perhaps I'll have to reconsider it. I was really hoping it was sort of romantic gothic (ala Jane Eyre). Sounds decidedly NOT like that. Bummer!

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