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Sunday, May 02, 2010


Andrea Parker

I used to go to church a lot as a child but as an adult I haven't. I am not against it or anything. I just seem to take in spiritual information in other ways now.


Recognizing this in ourselves is the first step, I have learned over the years.

We also get the NYT, and my husband spends Sunday with it. I do not resent this because I know he finds it hard sometimes to have me spend hours in front of my computer ...


i once had a high school teacher who said to think of what traits in others annoy us, and those are the traits within ourselves we dislike the most and haven't come to terms with yet. scary, but humbling. great post. thought provoking for sure.


The good thing about you is that you are self-aware though! Some are NOT. The series does sound thought-provoking.


An eye-opening post. It's true--so much easier to see the "log in someone else's eye," than the "plank in our own." I'm definitely guilty of hypocrisy but trying to change.

Rachel Vidoni

Loved your post. I think it is great that you recognize the hypocrit in yourself and in humanity. So many people think that everyone else is a hypocrit, but they are not. (Hypocritical in itself! :) ) The thing I find unfortunate is that many people who aren't religious shy away from religion because they feel "Christians" are the most "Un-Christian" people; judging others while hiding in their riteousness. Esp. being Catholic, so many have left their faith because of the actions of the many awful priests who have harmed children. I try to separate my faith (the truth I hold to be real) from the structures of my Catholicism. Beliving in what I belive in doesn't mean I support what has happened. It's an imperfect system run by imperfect people. Many of whom are hypocrites. Go figure. It does not have to mean that my faith or truth is imperfect. That's just between me and the Big Guy Upstairs.

Anyway, hope that didn't sound preachy. Your post just resonated with me. I'm also blogging daily with the blogathon. Good luck and keep it up!

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